How To Make Bathtime Safe For Your Baby

How To Make Bathtime Safe For Your Baby

Bathtime can be crucial in helping your child relax and unwind before bed. It can be a super cozy routine to enjoy together as you watch them splash and giggle in the warm water. However, you’re still playing with water with a tiny human, so you should take some precautions to make sure they are safe and happy in every bath.

Rule number one of bathtime – never leave your baby unattended. This is extremely dangerous!

If you have to walk away, pick them up and take them with you. Do not turn away, even for a couple of seconds. If they slip underwater, they will not have the strength to get back up. Even when the water is as little as an inch or two, this will be the case. Anything that can disrupt their breathing is hazardous – so have a towel handy to pick them out if you need to.

Bathing your baby in a tiny tub or sink is probably the most convenient in their first couple of months. If you’re still recovering from the pregnancy, you don’t want to be leaning over the bath and causing yourself aches and pains (even if you’re not the one who gave birth!).

In these small tubs and sinks, you must include an anti-slip mechanism so that they can truly relax as they soak. There are many liner options to help with this, so choose the one that fits you best.

It’s also helpful to get something to protect their head to sit steadily without slouching into the water. If you don’t have any other options, you can always use towels to help prop them up or prevent slipping.

Baths shouldn’t be as warm as our adult tubs. The water should be only lukewarm. Remember, a baby’s skin is very sensitive. Slightly hot water to us is boiling for them. It could even cause irritations and burns.

Insider Tip: Try to get a stable tub rather than an inflatable. While an inflatable one seems like a good idea, it takes a lot of work to blow up every other day. Plus, it isn’t as solid, so your baby will run the risk of slipping down or sitting uncomfortably. A solid tub with a firm base or slope that they can sit on is your best option.

The 6 Golden Rules Of Bathing A Baby

If this is your first baby, a bath may seem like some sort of Olympic sport as you try your hardest to keep them safe, get them cozy, and get them clean! However, with these golden rules, you’ll do great from the very first bath.

Keep everything in arms reach.

As you don’t want to leave your baby alone, make sure all towels, and everything else you need, are within arms reach.

Keep one hand on your baby.

When you have everything in reach, this is manageable. If you need to get something, you’re going to run into issues. Always have your hand on your baby, so they don’t slip down without your support.

Always empty the bath after use.

This is just good practice to get into before your baby becomes mobile. If you leave water in a bath that a toddler can reach, they may be at a greater risk of drowning.

Don’t run the water.

When your baby is in the bath, turn off the water flow. This makes sure it doesn’t go too high and that the temperature doesn’t change. When the water is flowing, the temperature may go up, which will irritate your baby.

Make sure the temperature is right.

Before placing your baby in the bath, check the temperature. Remember, it cannot be too warm. Their sensitive skin may burn, and you don’t want to be responsible for that.

Get comfortable

As we said, you don’t want to be leaning in awkward positions as you bathe your baby. Prioritize your comfort, too. Get a cushion or a seat. Place them on a counter, or at least find a stool that you can lean on as you hang out and bathe.

And, that’s it! Your baby is clean! You did it!

I know it sounds like an activity you need a degree to perform, but you will get into the groove. You both will end up loving bath time before bed. It’s a lovely and relaxing bonding experience that helps you both unwind after a long day.